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 The  core mission of the Maricopa Veterans Care Center is to change the way  the world defines, views and treats veterans with Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder and other mental disorders so that every veteran can live life  to his or her fullest potential.



The (CFO), Kent O’Jon,  has a degree in Environmental Psychology and a Masters in Project  Management.  He has been purchasing, rehabbing and renting properties  for 20 plus years nationwide in the U.S and has broadened his reach  internationally.

Kent's love of country led him to join the Marine  Corps in 1984, where he served 15 years active and as a reservist.   Next, he joined the Air National Guard and served 6 and 1/2 years as a  Munition Technician and Security Forces Augmentee. In 2006 he joined the  Army and served 11 years as a Military Policeman. During his service he  served two assignments in Iraq, one in Afghanistan and one assignment  in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

As in many cases, this took a toll on his marriage and  home life.  Transitioning into retirement was a shock to the system.  Going full throttle for many years and then coming to a complete stop  was no easy process.

Kent found himself dealing with the transition and  PTSD simultaneously. He struggled with solid sleep patterns, felt angry  a lot and had trouble processing it all. Now he's seeing life through  healthy lenses with therapy, medicine, love and lots of patience.   Having gone through all of those thing has led him to reach out to help  other Veteran Sisters and Brothers live their best life by providing  FREE PTSD Therapy, Job Training via Apprenticeship Programs and  affordable housing.

The Spouse Experience

Chrystal O’Jon, VP of Operations & Marketing/Advertising has worked at a bank in  the Property REO Division and as a Marketing & Promotions Director  in the entertainment industry in some capacity for 20 years and will  work to build a solid brand presence.

Being a first time Military Spouse was an experience  for Chrystal. Even more, dealing with someone with PTSD  was initially  frightening.   After attending family therapy, reading and praying  Chrystal has built herself up to deal with her husbands PTSD and even  her own issues being victimized as a child for many years.

Together, they have decided to take their experiences  and use their skill sets to make a difference and provide FREE PTSD care  and to help stop the cycle of homelessness among Military Veterans and  their families.

LA Branch for Homeless Veterans
Marshon Gonzo is the Los Angeles  Branch President for our organization. She will be responsible for  directing activities and the use of resources in California. Marshon  brings 20+ years of community service experience.  She can be reached  via E:; C: 323-229-0156.

Our Board Members - Click Picture for Bio

J. Gusse, A. Liermann, G.D.Présumé & O. Hammann



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